What do we know about the Variant Under Investigation in the UK, B.1.525?

B.1.525 was first sequenced on the 15th December. The Origin of Virus variant is yet to be determined with UK🇬🇧 or Nigeria🇳🇬 thought to be most likely. 38 cases of this variant have since been detected in the UK. It has been detected through genome sequencing in 10 countries in total including Denmark, the US and Australia.

There were no infections caused by either B.1.1.7 🇬🇧+ E484K or A.231 🇨🇳+ E484K sequenced in the UK this week. There were 15 infections associated with B.1.351 🇿🇦 (0.1% of cases sequenced) and just 2 cases of B.1.1.28 (P2) 🇧🇷 (0.01% of cases sequenced)

B.1.525 possesses E484K mutation seen in B.1.351 🇿🇦 & P2 🇧🇷🇯🇵variants which can help the virus escape the Immune response to the original 🇨🇳 variant of the virus . It also possesses the mutations Q677H and F888L. More details about the mutations can be found in the illustration below.

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